The coveted Becki Awards in gold and silver.

The Becki Awards, named after Beckinfield town founder Bradford Beckin, are a fun way to recognize the hard work and thoughtful performances from some of our most dedicated participants. The Becki Awards celebrate excellence in telling the story of Beckinfield on a weekly basis.

Each week, the Theatrics staff nominates outstanding videos for the highly-coveted gold Becki Award. Then we hand things over to the community, who selects the gold Becki Award winner through views and rave reviews, which all contribute to the video's Beckinfield Point Index (BPI). At the end of the week, the video that has the highest BPI receives the gold Becki Award. All remaining nominees receive a silver Becki Award for their excellence in storytelling.

Have more questions? Read on.

What are the prizes?

All nominees receive a silver Becki Award badge, enshrinement on our Winners Page, and the admiration of all who watch. The winning video for the week receives the rare gold Becki Award badge and a prize from our bag of swag (T-shirt, mug, or something else cool).

How are videos nominated?

Our staff and editors are constantly scouring the site for great performances. Everyone on staff can nominate videos each week. An internal selection committee chooses the final five.

Why hasn’t my video been nominated yet?

With so many of videos coming in every week, it may take us a while to feature your great work. Don’t be discouraged. As you continue to do great work, gather an audience, and gain popularity on the site, you will likely be noticed and recognized sooner or later.

My very first video was awesome. Where’s my Becki Award?

Actors become eligible for a Becki Award once they have five videos posted to the site.

Will editing and special effects increase my chances of getting a Becki Award?

Not necessarily. It's more about good storytelling. If this type of production appeals to you, we say go for it. We love watching these highly-creative productions. And if the effects help communicate the story, all the better. But while gratuitous explosions and frenzied cuts may make for an impressive Beckinfeld video, it is not a criterion that tops the selection committee’s list.

Konnichiwa. Do I have to be a US citizen to be eligible for a Becki Award? Merci.

The Becki Awards know no borders. All Actors who have at least five videos on the site are eligible.

Can I talk about the Becki Awards in my video?

Please don't. The Becki Awards are not "in-world." We ask that you don’t break the fiction of the world of Beckinfield by talking about the awards, begging for raves, or taking any other action that would take viewers out of the story. You can (and should!) use all of your persuasive skills on your Facebook and Twitter and beg, cajole, or otherwise coerce your friends into voting for you, but please remember: when you’re on camera, it’s all about your character making video diaries for the Beckinfield High School “On the Map” project.

I’ve been nominated. Now what?

Congrats! Now it’s time to get views and collect votes. You should promote your video on your social media networks and encourage friends and family to create Fan accounts so they can view your video and give it rave reviews. You’ll have one week to prove your cred with the audience; the winners are announced one week after nominations are announced.