present the Becki Award nominees for Week 126

Each week, we present five great videos that tell the story of Beckinfield in an interesting and compelling way. Then it’s up to the community to watch and vote to select the gold Becki Award winner.

Online Audition Intro

Cast Your Vote for the Gold Becki Award Winner

Glass Becki Award

To help us choose the gold Becki Award winner, you’ll want to watch all of the nominated videos and then vote for your favorite by clicking on the stars to rate it. (You’ll have to be a member of the site to vote; it’s free and fast to sign up, so go ahead and do that first!) Your vote will count toward the video’s Becki Points Index (calculated from raves + views, with raves weighted to count for more points).

The video with the highest BPI takes the gold badge for that week, as well as a surprise from the Beckinfield swag bag. And the old cliche “it’s an honor just to be nominated” rings true here; the remaining nominated videos also receive a silver Becki Award once voting ends.

Check back every Monday to vote on the newest nominees and to see the previous week’s winner!