Where are the strange voices coming from in Old Beckinfield?

Stories for Murmurs

The mysterious sounds and voices that had been echoing off the walls of Beckinfield High School have begun to expand into the surrounding neighborhood of Old Beckinfield. It's as if there are constantly people walking the streets and chatting. Police Chief Russell Banter has asked residents to stop calling the department complaining about noisy neighbors.

The sounds that have been echoing through the streets of Old Beckinfield have become an all-day occurrence. It is as if invisible people are walking the streets at all hours. Though it sounds like words are being spoken, it’s impossible to make out what is being said.

The swarm of Paranormal Investigators has converged on the Field of Beckin. The black-suited scientists are using high-tech equipment to survey the huge pit in the field in an attempt to figure out how to cover it. Observers who peek over the fence say that nothing has been accomplished so far. Some of the more daring residents have already scaled the fence to get a look into the pit. They claim they cannot even see the top of the sunken tetrahedron. No one is sure just how far down it went.

Dr. Kippart is on the case. Those keeping on eye on the huge pit -- that was once a gigantic tetrahedron...that had crashed through the basketball court...that was once a soccer field...that became a giant crescent...that was once the cornfield of town founder Bradford Beckin -- have noticed something slightly odd. The fiery redheaded scientist is spending all her time there. She seems to be leading her team of black-suited paranormal investigators in designing some sort of cover for the pit.

Chief Bill Whiteglass is often spotted sitting in his car, watching her every move.

On Saturday, visitors to Hidden Star Lake witnessed a major disturbance. What started as a simple ripple in the middle of the water grew to a huge whirlpool that swept through the entire lake. Starla’s head surfaced and her almond-shaped eyes appeared to search the faces of everyone on the shore. She then dove back under the water. The whirlpool subsided. About an hour later, just as the sun set, Marta Marks stepped onto the beach, climbed the ladder of the lifeguard stand, and perched on the chair. She hasn’t left since.

Nobody in town is sleeping through the night. Residents have found themselves waking up at three in the morning and staying up for a couple of hours before drifting back to sleep. Some are finding the need to take naps during the day, while others are powering through. Everyone is feeling a bit sluggish. Blondie’s coffee shop has never been busier in the mornings.

Residents all over Beckinfield are claiming that property left outside has gone missing in the night. Many are blaming the pranksters associated with the rivaling high school football team, the Dustrock Devils. No proof has turned up that those particular pranksters are the culprits. Police Chief Russell Banter is suggesting that residents be diligent about locking up all property at night.