It's been 100 weeks since Rose Banter first proposed that residents record video blogs of life in Beckinfield. Unfortunately it looks like it may also be the last week in Beckinfield's history - unless the Secret Order can stop a glowing pyramid from rising.

Stories for 100

It's Week 100 of the On The Map project! The brainchild of Beckinfield High School student Rose Banter, it has brought together hundreds of residents who have created the thousands of videos and blog posts that make up the project. Rose asked that residents take a minute this week to post a video about a favorite moment, a reminder about what brought him or her to the project, or a look back on the journey so far.

Precisely at 2 PM on Thursday afternoon, deafening Primbobi war chants sounded throughout Beckinfield. The structures at Hidden Star Lake and the Beckinfield Little Theatre pulsed green with an intensity like never before. The ground rumbled as…

The third triangle rose in the form of a tetrahedron (three-sided pyramid) from beneath the Field of Beckin. It quickly rose out of the basketball court and towered over everything around it. Its appearance decimated the courts and bleachers. The nearby Beckinfield High School football stadium was severely damaged by the quake. The ascent seemed to go on and on, with no end in sight, but then it abruptly jolted to a stop.

As it stopped, the wailing “Destiny Happening” alarms suddenly ceased. All Primbobi artifacts stopped glowing green. The other two “triangles” at Hidden Star Lake and the Beckinfield Little Theatre both stopped glowing green and the energy that had been repelling everything away from them suddenly ended. All three structures now appear to be completely harmless inanimate objects, as if all supernatural power has been switched off.

For the last few weeks, the apparent ghost of Becca Beckin has been a constant fixture at the Beckinfield Public Library. On Wednesday, she completely trashed the second floor of the library, terrifying all those in the building. Then on Thursday when the alarms ended abruptly, she vanished and dud not return for the rest of the week.

Plans continued for the séance on Halloween night at the library throughout the week. Until Thursday, the idea was to get Becca to reveal why she has returned. After Thursday, plans shifted to an attempt to get Becca to reappear on Halloween night.

The one and only debate between Mayor Leonard Aberdashy and his challenger Harvey "Greybeard" Kanz is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 28. Debate moderator, Police Chief Russell Banter, has reminded residents that this is the last week to use the On the Map project to post questions for the candidates.

The Snarling Beagles were looking forward to taking on the Shallow Creek Titans on their home field this Friday. All signs indicated that head coach Dwight Dreeter would again start Juan Alvarez after the sophomore quarterback’s stunning blowout victory last week. However, due to the severe damage sustained by the Beckinfield High School football stadium, the Snarling Beagles were forced to forfeit game their game against the Shallow Creek Titans.