With elections just a week away, Greybeard shocks his supporters with a last-minute change of heart. meanwhile, a strange noise interrupts festivities on Halloween night.

Stories for Quitter

Everything was set for the debate Sunday night between the two candidates, Mayor Leonard Aberdashy and his challenger, Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz. Members of the local press and dozens of residents were packed into Blondie’s coffee shop. The moderator, Police Chief Russell Banter, began the debate by asking each candidate to make an opening statement.

Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz stepped to the podium first. He spoke as eloquently as anyone can remember. “Members of the press, fellow residents, Mayor Aberdashy, Chief Banter… I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been so generous in support of my campaign. The trust and hard work of so many, especially my campaign manager, Dr. Waltzkowski, leaves me eternally grateful. However, it is with regret that I hereby withdraw from the race for mayor of our wonderful town. I put my full support and trust behind my opponent, Leonard Aberdashy. I ask that all my supporters do the same. Thank you.” With that, he simply left the podium and walked through the stunned crowd and out the door.

Halloween in Beckinfield is always a magical night. Like every small town, on the days leading up to the event, children and adults carve pumpkins, gather costumes, and plan which parties to attend. However, on the night itself, residents of Beckinfield claim to see actual witches, goblins, ghosts, and lake monsters. No evidence exists that these paranormal phenomena are actually walking the streets of our town on Halloween night, but rumors prevail. This year was no different.

The apparent ghost of Becca Beckin disappeared from the Beckinfield Public Library when the tetrahedron was stopped from completing its rise this past Thursday. However, the library staff still wants to do something fun on Halloween night. They will stage a “mock” séance for the kiddies. But what is supposed to be lighthearted event will turn into something terrifying.

As the kids all sat in a circle, Becca suddenly appeared in the middle, let out an ear-piecing scream, and then vanished again. The horrified kids scattered in all directions.

The scream was heard throughout Beckinfield at exactly 7:47 PM. Everyone who is not at the library heard it, but had no idea what it was.

Highway 99 is now open again to all traffic. On Thursday, the tetrahedron that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre stopped emitting the energy that was repelling everything away. Cars can now move both ways along the only major highway that leads out of town. Traffic is moving very slowly as people are again flooding into town to see the triangles. However, the sense of claustrophobia that had settled over the town for weeks is fading.

All the surrounding towns of Beckinfield have taken pity on the Snarling Beagles. Nearly all competing teams have agreed to let future games that were supposed to be played at the Beckinfield High School Stadium be played as “home” games at the other stadiums. The only holdout is Dustrock, due to an event that occurred under similar circumstances two years ago. Pranksters from the Pound Dogs, the Beagles fan club, broke into the Dustrock stadium and painted the field with Beagles logo. This elevated the long-standing rivalry between the Devils and the Beagles that continues to this day.

The Beagles traveled to Shallow Creek to take on the Titans this week. The Beagles made easy work of their opponents in a 21-3 victory. Quarterback Juan Alverez led the team for the entire game.