Election Time

It's finally Election Tuesday in Beckinfield! One candidate for mayor has already backed out, but there still seems to be a sense among residents that it's anyone's race.

Stories for Election Time

Voter turnout was expected to be light for the local election this year. Though both candidates’ names appeared on the ballot, Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz officially withdrew from the race last week. Mayor Leonard Aberdashy had already begun his victory lap, campaigning dressed as Shoelace the Clown.

But in the second stunning development in so many weeks, the vast majority of the votes went to Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz. Many Beckinfield residents wrote in his name, while many others simply punched his number on the ballot. Despite the confusion, Aberdashy still made a victory speech on Tuesday evening accepting the position of Mayor of Beckinfield for another four years. Greybeard worked the late shift at Blondie’s coffee shop and continued to ignore all questions on the subject. On Wednesday morning, a sign appeared in the front window of the shop congratulating the mayor and offering free cookies for the day in celebration of “four more years of Aberdashy."

Now that the “third triangle” is towering over Beckinfield, Dr. Kippart and her army of black-suited scientists are claiming the tetrahedron as their own. They refuse to let anyone near it. They have set up a perimeter around the entire area, including the Field of Beckin and the Beckinfield High School Football Stadium, and are insisting that only those with official IDs be allowed to enter. Many residents are now going to the Beckinfield Public Library’s second-story balcony to get the best view of the massive three-sided pyramid.

The Snarling Beagles have been on a roll! After their dominating win last week against the Shallow Creek Titans, they traveled this week to take on their archrivals, the Dustrock Devils. With Highway 99 now open to all traffic again, the Pound Dogs, the unofficial fan club of the Beagles, was rallying all residents to make the short trip to Dustrock to support the team.

The sophomore quarterback, Juan Alvarez, found the sweet spot of his game. He threw for eight touchdown passes in the first half and another three in the third quarter before Coach Dreeter pulled him out of the game. Winning 84-7, the Beagles set a team record for scoring against the thoroughly embarrassed Devils. However, when the team headed out to the bus, they found all four tires slashed. The fan club gladly gave the boys rides back to Beckinfield.

As people congregated at the top of Destiny Crest last Thursday, they felt a sense of loss. No alarms sounded; no Primbobi war chants rang in their ears. It was as if the entire experience had come to an end.

Even less people showed up this Thursday. No one felt the pull that had dominated their Thursdays ever since the destruction of the Beckinfield Little Theatre on April 1, 2012. Promises have been made to try to keep it going for just the social experience, but it seems like fewer and fewer people are showing up each week.