The strange events which have rocked the small town of Beckinfield continue to have unforeseen effects. The long rumored lake monster has made an appearance, and there are also rumors of a new candidate for mayor.

Stories for Effects

Main Street and Town Square were closed Monday for the annual Memorial Day celebration in Town Square. A barbeque, a softball game, volleyball, and a water balloon toss were all scheduled. The Beckinfield Volunteer Fire Department was giving kids rides on the fire truck and Shoelace the Clown was scheduled to entertain the little ones. Harvey "Greybeard" Kanz, sponsored by Blondie’s coffee shop, was handing out his famous chocolate chip cookies and Groundly Pagnia and his band Cul-de-sac provided the entertainment.

At the celebration, Shoelace the Clown began his act for the kiddies by warning them to stay away from the cookies that Greybeard was handing out. Though the clown continued entertaining the kids, who are all having a blast, his entire act will be peppered with jokes that seemed to poke fun at Greybeard. Parents of the kids will be dumbfounded; then, at the end of his act, Shoelace handed buttons that said, “Re-elect Mayor Leonard Aberdashy!”

Customers at Blondie’s have set up a new tip jar labeled “Greybeard’s Campaign Fund.” Harvey Kanz has been trying to ignore the issue and focus on his job as the coffee shop’s day manager, but customers continue to bring it up. Greybeard continues to deny that he has any political plans. The customers are pushing the shop’s owner, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski, to convince Harvey to take on the sitting mayor in the November elections.

For reasons unknown to most residents, the current mayor, Leonard Aberdashy, has maintained an extremely low profile during his tenure. Most residents don’t even know who he is; those that do don’t seem to have many nice things to say about him.

The fissure that was uncovered when the basketball court was demolished last week remains open. The huge crescent-shaped gap in the field that once belonged to town founder Bradford Beckin was created during an earthquake that occurred in January 2011. It was paved over with concrete and turned into a basketball court last October. Earlier this year, Rose Banter painted the image of what appeared to be an alien face on the court and when the painting couldn’t be removed, the court was destroyed.

No explanation has been given as to why the replacement concrete hasn’t been poured yet. Workers show up every day, but apparently they don’t have the go-ahead to begin the work.

Three buses with dark-tinted windows pulled into town on Sunday and a whole new army of men and women dressed in black suits and sunglasses climbed out, nearly doubling the number of paranormal investigators in town. Local hotels are now completely booked up and many of the investigators moved into dorm rooms at Beckinfield State University. The group paid to stay through the summer.

The entire clan meets at the stands next to the former basketball court at the Field of Beckin. They are apparently enthralled with the crescent-shaped fissure.

This past Saturday, the throng of “occupiers” at Hidden Star Lake got an unexpected treat. Marta Marks was folding her hand-washed clothes while continuing her silent chanting when she suddenly stopped. She dropped her laundry and walked to the edge of the lake. Those around followed her. The buzz spread quickly and everyone moved to the lake, staring out at the water. Then the surface of the water began to ripple.

A gasp rose from the crowd as Starla’s egg-shaped head rose gracefully out of the water. The creature scanned the crowd until her eyes met Marta’s. They studied each other for about 90 seconds; then Starla’s head sank back below the surface. Marta turned, made her way through the stunned crowd, and walked directly down the dirt path leading away from the lake. Many of the campers were conflicted about following her or not. A few did, though most stayed at the campsite.

Marta hasn’t been seen since.

“Destiny Happening” has been growing. Each Thursday at precisely 2:00 PM, all of the fire alarms sound throughout New Beckinfield and everyone who witnessed the destruction of the Beckinfield Little Theatre on April 1st hears a Primbobi war chant ringing in his or her ears and is pulled toward the top of Destiny Crest. Now these people are heading to the top of the crest earlier in the day and just hanging out until 2:00 PM. Destiny Happening is being described as a rock concert without the concert. A number of people have begun spending all of their daylight hours on Thursdays at the top of the crest.

Though the Beckinfield Little Theatre was destroyed on April 1 2012, the spirit of the performers lives on. Determined to prove that the theater is more than just a building, a group known as the Beckinfield Players has come together and is sponsoring periodic “Open Mic” nights around town. They are trying to keep the theater alive as they search for a new performing venue of their own. The first event was held on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at Leda Jo’s Bar and Grill in New Beckinfield. Locals performed songs, poems, magic, and other entertaining acts.