The current mayor of Beckinfield paid a visit to Blondie's coffee, where he met his potential rival in the next mayoral election. The two seemed calm, but there are hints that this will be a fierce campaign.

Stories for Handshake

Customers at Blondie’s were shocked when Mayor Aberdashy made a rare public appearance on Friday. The mayor stepped into the coffee shop accompanied by a reporter from The Beckinfield Times. He strolled up to the counter and placed an order for a large cappuccino and one of Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz’s chocolate chip cookies. After a taking a bite, he smiled his toothy smile and asked the barista if he could meet the “man behind the cookie.”

When Harvey came out of the office, the mayor asked to shake his hand. As they posed for a picture, those nearby heard the mayor whisper menacingly, “I dare you to try to take me on.” He then smiled brightly at the patrons and ordered a cookie for everyone in the shop. Few noticed that on his way out he tossed the remainder of his cookie into the street.

A bulldozer that had been brought in to aid in repaving the basketball court fell into the re-exposed crescent-shaped fissure. It seemed to fall a LONG way. No one was in it at the time and there were no injuries, but now construction has been delayed as workers decide how to proceed.

Meanwhile, a new spectator showed up and silently joined the throng of black-suited paranormal investigators in the stands. Marta Marks now sits quietly watching and has made no attempts to blend in with investigators. She has even begun to build herself a new shelter under the bleachers.

A large number of residents continues to live at Hidden Star Lake. Even though Marta Marks is gone, the crowds on the lake’s banks continue to grow. High school student Rose Banter spends all her time there. Her father Russell, Chief of Police, goes to work during the day and returns to his tent at night. On Saturday, a chill went through the crowd when someone pointed out that just a few months ago, this exact group had gathered to hold the final candlelight vigil for the missing “Beckinfield Rose.”

The swarm of paranormal investigators has begun to infiltrate the Beckinfield workforce. It’s difficult to tell if they think they are fooling residents or just trying to intimidate them. No matter how mundane the job, the investigators still wear their black suits and sunglasses. They have been spotted working as bank tellers, refrigerator repair workers, maids, and even members of the construction team working on the basketball court.

As alarms sounded at 2:00 PM throughout New Beckinfield on Thursday afternoon, a throng of people had already arrived at the top of Destiny Crest and started having their picnics. Suddenly, Shoelace the Clown appeared, panting and out of breath. He immediately went from one family to another handing out “Re-elect Mayor Aberdashy” buttons.