Beckinfield is not normal. The high school video project has made clear how many strange things are happening all around the town. Does Beckinfield need a strange mayor to lead in these strange times?

Stories for Normal

Mayor Aberdashy has made it very clear that he plans on running uncontested in the November elections. He was quoted as saying, “It would be a waste of time and money for anyone foolish enough to run against me. And elections can be very stressful; I would hate to see anyone jeopardizing the comfort and safety of his or her family.” He made his comments while standing directly in front of Blondie’s coffee shop.

“I do welcome the competition,” he added smiling. “I just never lose.”

After more and more residents poured into Blondie’s coffee shop to try to convince Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz to take on Mayor Aberdashy in the November elections, Greybeard finally put his foot down.

Patrons saw him spending hours scribbling and re-scribbling a sign. When he finally finished, he stormed to the front of the store, ripped down all the other signs in the window, and hung a new one: “The future mayor does not work here… welcome to Blondie’s, now please leave… yes, we’re open…the daytime management supports Mayor Aberdashy (the views expressed by daytime management do not necessarily reflect the views of the rest of the staff or proprietor). Chocolate chip cookies half-price after 5 PM.”

Now that the demolished building that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre has stopped smoldering, an intriguing new phenomenon has occurred. Some of the rubble has shifted and one of the remaining walls is now leaning in at a very odd angle. It must have happened in the middle the night, as no one seems to have witnessed it. Highway 99 has become clogged with traffic again as motorists try to steal a look.

A few more tents popped up under the bleachers of the basketball court; it seems that some of Marta Marks’ followers have joined her. Late in the morning this past Friday, they witnessed another piece of machinery falling into the crescent-shaped chasm that was exposed when the basketball court was destroyed. They claim it didn’t exactly fall, but instead was “sucked into” the deep pit. But what they found even stranger was that the throng of black-suited scientists in the bleachers all rose to their feet just prior to it happening. It was as if these paranormal investigators had advanced notice. Marta Marks was the only person who remained seated.

As witnesses pieced the events together later, they remember that Dr. Kippart, the leader of the investigators, had arrived about 30 minutes before the event. She purposefully called all the construction workers over toward the stands for a heated discussion. A few witnesses claimed it was as if she was trying to get all the workers out of harm’s way before the machinery was sucked in.

The Occupy Hidden Star Lake movement might have reached its peak. After the Starla sighting last week, excitement has waned. Many occupiers now run home in the middle of the day for showers. The few that still insist on living solely off the land accuse the others of not being true to the cause, even if they do smell nice. Arguments break out regularly about what the cause actually is now that Marta Marks has taken up residence somewhere else.

Despite a major downpour all day on Thursday, many residents made the trek up to Destiny Crest with umbrellas and raincoats. Most stayed for the entire day, socializing and having a pleasant time. No one mentioned the weather at all. The alarms sounded at the usual 2:00 PM and most of those present heard the Primbobi chanting pleasantly ringing in their ears. Instead of complaining about the awful conditions, everyone just factored it into the day. Some of the kids made a game of sliding down the muddy hill. Even Shoelace the Clown was there handing out sopping-wet balloon animals and “Re-Elect Mayor Aberdashy” buttons. A couple of the kids claimed they had heard the clown cursing the weather under his breath.