Destiny Crest has been host to an informal 'happening' for many weeks. This week the event was delayed by a single minute, but somehow that has made all the difference in the world.

Stories for Happening

As has become the custom, on Thursday morning, dozens of people made the trek to the top of Destiny Crest. Picnic blankets dotted the hillside as everyone enjoyed a pleasant morning. As 2:00 PM approached, each of the attendees silently prepared for his or her unique experience. But when the moment hit…nothing happened. It was a startling and unsettling moment. No words were spoken, and no one knew exactly how to react.

Then at 2:01, the fire alarms sounded throughout New Beckinfield, Primbobi artifacts glowed green, and the mysterious-yet-soothing Destiny Happening proceeded for exactly 30 minutes, ending at 2:31. Everyone who was there had the feeling that things were slightly off after this. Nothing seemed to be quite gelling for anyone. A sense of unease has prevailed since.

Concerns over the volatility of the giant chasm that seems to be sucking in massive equipment has led to a complete closure of the basketball court. Construction crews and security personnel are the only people allowed in the area. Witnesses say that when Chief Bill Whiteglass of the Beckinfield Volunteer Fire Department ordered the bleachers cleared, all of the hundreds of scientists in black suits who had been watching refused to move. Finally he uttered the magic words: “Please leave.” All of the scientists left immediately, followed by a scowling Dr. Kippart.

But Marta Marks never even flinched. She remained sitting in the stands, staring at the deep, exposed pit until she was forcibly removed by a BVFD firefighter. When she returned the next day, she was taken to the police station and is currently in a jail cell “for her own protection.” A small crowd has already gathered outside the jailhouse with signs reading “Free Marta!”

Each evening, the tip jar at Blondie’s coffee shop is emptied and by the end of each new day, it overflows again with donations to the “Greybeard for Mayor” campaign. The shop’s proprietor, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski continues to promote the idea. The only one who claims to be adamantly against it is Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz himself. Blondie seems certain he will come around. Even Reginald Alvis made a rare appearance at Blondie’s and dropped a $100 dollar bill into the jar. Customers heard him say that he would be happy to start a Super PAC campaign fund if Greybeard decides to run.

Greybeard remains committed to his promise to sit the election out…at least for the moment.

The black-suited paranormal investigators descended on Hidden Star Lake en masse. Having been asked to leave the stands at the basketball court, the entire group headed over to the lake. As the throng arrived, the remaining occupiers decided that their “anyone is welcome” policy should indeed apply to everyone. They are now attempting to cohabit with the plethora of paranormal investigators, who widely outnumber the original group.

The phrase “Please leave” has been banned from the Occupy Hidden Star Lake movement.

Another wall fell at the Beckinfield Little Theatre; just like the first time, there were no witnesses. It is as if the remnants of the theater are moving on their own, albeit very slowly. Highway 99 has once again become like a parking lot as word is spreading to neighboring towns that something odd is happening at the theater. Beckinfield police have been stationed on the highway to try to keep traffic flowing, but are doing little good. Delays are increasing.