One Minute

Each Thursday a number of residents find themselves compelled to climb up the hill at 2pm. Last week this compulsion was delayed by a single minute. This week it began a minute early. What a difference a minute can make.

Stories for One Minute

Tents have popped up on the lawn outside the Beckinfield Courthouse where Marta Marks is being held. “Free Marta” signs are everywhere. Russell Banter, Beckinfield’s Chief of Police, was quoted as saying, “We’re holding her for her own protection.”

“Until the pit in the basketball court is sealed and safe, we are very concerned that she might become the next casualty.”

It was be a tough few days for all those who participate in the Thursday Destiny Happenings. Ever since last week, when the alarms sounded one minute late, everyone has felt that things have been slightly off. Nothing has gone quite right. This feeling continued through Thursday morning.

This Thursday, the alarms sounded one minute early at 1:59 PM and caught everyone off guard. When they stopped sounding exactly 30 minutes later, everyone felt much more at peace, like the world is right once again. It was as if a week-long headache finally subsided.

The few die-hard stragglers who remain occupying Hidden Star Lake have become second-class citizens to the overwhelming number of black-suited scientists who now also reside on the lake’s banks. The scientists have taken to testing and recording all elements of the lake, from the dirt of the trails to each species of plant in the region. It is as if they simply can’t stop researching what is around them. The remaining “civilians” are intrigued with all the tests being performed, but feel like they are being pushed out of the home they have now known for months.

A huge tarp has been placed over the destroyed basketball court, concealing the construction from all prying eyes. Lots of machinery is heard operating, but only those working on the project are privy to what is happening. Those brave enough to try to steal a peek have reported that all the workers are again wearing hazmat suits. They also report seeing Chief Banter coming and going regularly.

The Beckinfield Times is reporting that an exploratory committee was secretly formed weeks ago to determine whether or not Harvey Kanz should run for mayor of Beckinfield. “Greybeard” claims he knows nothing about this committee and vehemently denies any interest in taking on the sitting mayor, Leonard Aberdashy. Speculation is running rampant that perhaps Greybeard has been planning a run all along. Blondie’s coffee shop is being overrun with reporters and customers trying to answer the big question: will Greybeard run? A few people have noticed the shop’s proprietor, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski, taking it all in with a subtle smile on her face.

The rubble that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre continues to move on its own. Every day something new has been altered. It is as though someone (or something) is turning it into some sort of structure. Traffic along Highway 99 has come to standstill. Even the bevy of police officers directing traffic doesn’t seem to help. People simply want to see what is happening and if they can spot any movement.