While America celebrates freedom, the residents of Beckinfield consider the question of whether they are free themselves. Would a new mayor help, or is Harvey Kanz too unstable for the job?

Stories for Freedom

The Beckinfield Times is reporting that Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz finally relented to the growing pressure and threw his hat into the mayoral race. The newspaper is claiming that he made his announcement at Blondie’s coffee shop this past Friday afternoon. Over the weekend, the annex of Blondie’s coffee shop transformed into his campaign headquarters. When Greybeard arrived on Monday morning for his shift as daytime manager of the shop, he was swarmed by reporters and supporters.

Much to everyone's surprise, Harvey seemed totally surprised at the assertion that he would be running. He claims he never made the alleged announcement. He did, however, offer everyone there a freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie.

All of Beckinfield showed up for the annual 4th of July celebration! The holiday remains one of the few days each year when everyone puts aside their differences and enjoys a day of food, games, and socializing. The “Free Marta” protesters agreed to put down their signs, clean up their campground, and make room for the celebration in Town Square. The ubiquitous Shoelace the Clown made balloon animals, Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz was handing out cookies, and Groundly Pagnia and his band Cul-de-sac provided entertainment. The evening was capped off with the annual fireworks display.

It was a rare, conflict-free day in Beckinfield. Even the swarm of paranormal investigators was on hand in their black suits mingling with the crowd.

On Saturday, Highway 99 was closed to regular traffic to allow a platoon of cement trucks to roll into town. Police officers forced frustrated drivers to the side of the road. Dozens of cement mixers, bulldozers, and other assorted trucks rolled by. The trucks headed directly to the basketball court. On Sunday, the highway was closed again as the trucks rolled right back out of town. The entire area that was once the cornfield belonging to town founder Bradford Beckin remains closed. However, those who have gotten a peek say the tents that covered the basketball court have been removed and the court has been repaved. It has not been repainted yet.

All of the residents who were occupying Hidden Star Lake have left and many have moved to the lawn in Town Square to join the “Free Marta” protest. The only people remaining at Hidden Star Lake are the black-suited paranormal investigators. According to Police Chief Russell Banter, Marta Marks will remain in jail for her own safety until the crescent-shaped fissure below the basketball court is covered and the site is reopened to the public. Shoelace the Clown joins the “Free Marta” protestors every afternoon but only stays for the lunch hour. He continues to hand out “Vote for Mayor Aberdashy” buttons. There is word that Marta has taken to drawing on her cell walls. Her doodle of choice is a clump of three triangles.

As people climbed the hill toward Destiny Crest on Thursday afternoon in preparation for the 2:00 PM sounding of the alarms, they found a number of vendors at the top of the hill promoting their wares. Not only was Shoelace the Clown handing out “Vote for Mayor Aberdashy” buttons, but many people were selling T-shirts, mugs, candles, picnic blankets, umbrellas, and just about everything else. It appears that the commercialization of “The Happening” has begun.

The black-clad scientists at Hidden Star Lake have begun taking instructions from teenage lifeguard Rose Banter. Rose is the only member of Occupy Hidden Star Lake who remains. For the most part, she spends her days perched atop the lifeguard stand carefully studying the lake’s surface. But now she has been seen directing the paranormal investigators. They have been spotted at Beckinfield Hardware numerous times lately and are apparently preparing to construct something. Many of the scientists continue to hold their “day jobs” throughout town.

The rubble that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre continues to move at a snail’s pace. Every day, subtle changes occur but no one can spot any actual movement. The Beckinfield Police Department has blocked off the area, but that hasn’t stopped curious rubberneckers from driving by to have a look. This has made travel down Highway 99 a miserable experience.