The covering over the basketball court has been removed, but the face has reappeared. Paranormal investigators have been taking jobs all around town, but have they also been taking things? Events like this may lead to an upset in the upcoming mayoral race.

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The paranormal investigators who are living at Hidden Star Lake have been taking odd jobs throughout Beckinfield. They have been seen working as accountants, construction workers, maids, garbage collectors, and a myriad of other positions. To a person, the work ethic has been reported to be nothing but stellar.

However, over the last few weeks, a series of minor thefts has cropped up at a number of businesses where at least one of these black-suited scientists is employed. Among the various missing items are building supplies and construction material.

The basketball court that covers the cornfield that once belonged to town founder Bradford Beckin is finally complete. The huge tents that enclosed it during the re-construction have been removed. Painting crews are now working on the details of the court. Chief Bill Whiteglass of the Beckinfield Volunteer Fire Department said, “We’re looking forward to reopening the area to the public. As soon as the paint dries it will be up and running.”

But on Tuesday, just as the paint dried on the court, the eerie image of the alien face painted months ago by Rose Banter began to bleed through.

The “Free Marta” protesters are back in action. After taking a break for last week’s 4th of July celebration, the dozens of protesters are now louder and more annoying than ever. They verbally harass anyone who attempts to enter the courthouse. They are adamant that Marta Marks should be released from jail. When pressed by The Beckinfield Times, Police Chief Russell Banter surprised everyone when he claimed that she is not actually being held at all. He said, “We leave the door to her cell wide open. We know she’s had a trying time lately. We are doing everything we can to keep her safe, but she has been free to leave since the first day we brought her here. But she doesn’t seem to have anywhere to go so she is happy to stay as long as she likes.” She continues to doodle on her cell walls.

On Thursday, those gathering on Destiny Crest for the weekly 2:00 alarms were disappointed to see a bona fide carnival atop the hill. There was everything from waterslides to a ferris wheel to pony rides — all emblazoned with “Vote for Mayor Aberdashy.” Shoelace the Clown was on hand to perform and host the event. Those who had gathered for the weekly happening were appalled, but that didn't stop the local kids from having a blast at the various attractions.

The race is finally on! Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz personally declared his candidacy for mayor of Beckinfield. Though he is a reluctant candidate, he claims he will make a go at the office. He officially named his campaign manager as Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski, proprietor of Blondie’s coffee shop. They are actively looking for volunteers to help plan and build the campaign. When reached for comment, Mayor Leonard Aberdashy said, “That cookie-maker clearly doesn’t understand what he’s getting into.”