In the Ring

Now that Greybeard's hat is in the ring, he's been overwhelmed by citizens sharing their concerns and hopes for the future of Beckinfield.

Stories for In the Ring

This past week, the owner of Beckinfield Hardware accused one of the black-suited scientists at Hidden Star Lake of taking some of the material from his store. His accusations were ignored. Also, Highway 99 continued to move at a snail’s pace as all who passed tried to spot the movement of the theater rubble; no one had any luck.

Now that Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz has officially (if reluctantly) entered the race for mayor, Blondie’s has become insanely busy. The proprietor, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski, immediately leapt into action as the campaign manager, and now the shop’s annex has been completely taken over by Greybeard’s campaign headquarters. Customers flock to the store in attempt to grab Greybeard’s ear to gripe about the town issues they hope he will address if he is elected. Greybeard listens, but his scowl rarely leaves his face.

This Thursday, the carnival-esque quality of the weekly Destiny Happening appeared to be increasing. As business owners realized that they have a captive audience, more and more have set up shop at the top of the hill on Thursday. Residents that gathered in anticipation of the 2:00 alarms will made a pact to buy nothing from any of the vendors. However, since all the booths and rides were sponsored by Mayor Aberdashy’s campaign fund, none of the vendors were discouraged.

The basketball court has reopened. Despite the months-long attempt to rid the court of the creepy image that was painted by Rose Banter and Marta Marks, the court looks exactly as it did the day after it was painted. Many of the black-suited scientists have returned to the bleachers. Town residents head out just to have a look and shoot some hoops. No one has any luck scoring a basket on the east side of the court. Chief Bill Whiteglass of the Beckinfield Volunteer Fire Department sighed as he said, “We give up. Looks like those courts have a new mascot.”

The moment the basketball courts reopened, Marta Marks stepped out of her open cell door and walked out of the courthouse. The few dozen protesters waiting outside were stunned to see her. They waved their “Free Marta” signs and cheered as Marta simply ignored them and strolled past. Many followed, while the rest hurriedly packed up the camping gear and then tried to catch up. Marta reportedly went directly to the basketball court and joined the scientists in the bleachers.