Who should be the mayor of Beckinfield? Residents certainly seem conflicted, but that's probably because their choice is between a professional clown, and an amateur one.

Stories for Clowns

After The Beckinfield Times claimed to have evidence that Mayor Leonard Aberdashy is indeed Shoelace the Clown, the mayor came out swinging. Aberdashy said, “If that little hometown rag of a newspaper has evidence, it should publish it immediately. There can be no such evidence, because it is entirely, absolutely, unequivocally untrue!”

The following day, the paper published the evidence.

This morning, both candidates placed ads in The Beckinfield Times that announced they were hiring campaign staffers. Coach “Blondie” Waltzkowski of Blondie’s coffee shop is overseeing the hiring for Greybeard. Chief Bill Whiteglass of the Beckinfield Volunteer Fire Department has surfaced as Mayor Aberdashy’s campaign manager. Their top priority is finding new public relations representatives.

The well-funded vendors at Destiny Crest refuse to be daunted by the lack of patronage from the weekly gatherers. Last week, all those who attended the Thursday Destiny Happening wore blindfolds, so this week one of the vendors began selling blindfolds emblazoned with “Vote for Mayor Aberdashy.” No one bought any. Mayor Aberdashy himself made an appearance at the Happening this week, accompanied by a clown he called Shoelace. Despite the fact that most everyone put on blindfolds for most of the day, it was clear to all present this was not the usual Shoelace the Clown.

More and more residents are claiming that the paranormal investigators are stealing items to use in the mysterious construction that is occurring at Hidden Star Lake. Accusations are being thrown at the Beckinfield Police Department for not following up on these reports. Rose Banter, daughter of the Chief of Police, is overseeing the construction, and people are saying that this is the reason the police are staying out of it. Some residents are taking it upon themselves to get their items back.

Marta Marks hit the court this week. As players lined up to participate in the basketball games on the court that covers the Field of Beckin, everyone was shocked to see Marta Marks slowly rise from her usual seat in the bleachers. She walked directly onto the court, took a ball from one of the players, walked to the basket on the east side, and heaved the ball toward the hoop. The crowd watched in amazement as the ball went through the net with a swish. She retrieved the ball and did it again. She repeated the shot more than a dozen times and never missed. She then returned to her place in the stands. All day long players lined up to try to make the same shot into the east basket. No one was successful.

The wall that was constructed to obstruct the view of the rubble that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre has begun to move. It seems that the wall is being drawn into the self-constructing structure. The movement is imperceptible to the naked eye, but each day since it has been erected it has moved toward the mysterious structure. Traffic piles up daily, as everyone seems to want to get a look at what is happening. The wall that was put up to keep traffic moving is having the opposite effect.