The campaign for mayor is heating up. Candidates have asked residents of Beckinfield to assist in getting out the word about the upcoming election. Meanwhile, the mysterious closure of roads out of Beckinfield, and the construction of mysterious pyramids around the town, hint at darker forces at work.

Stories for Mayor

With the mayoral race running so close, both candidates are asking residents to help by posting negative videos about their opponents. Though Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz has remained silent on the issue, his campaign manager, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski, issued a statement suggesting residents point out the fact that Mayor Leonard Aberdashy has been all but invisible over the last four years. However, apparently the term “invisible” made Greybeard uncomfortable. Her statement was later reissued with the word “absent” replacing “invisible."

In turn, Mayor Aberdashy said he doesn’t even know where to begin with recommendations for videos against Greybeard. Aberdashy said, “Just for starters, my opponent blew up us his own garage, took credit for the destruction of the Beckinfield Little Theatre, and continues to make people sick with his cookies!" (Though any fact-checker or concerned citizen could easily discover that it has never been proven that the delicious cookie recipe has actually made anyone sick.)

After the Beckinfield High School varsity football team became 3-2, coach Dwight Dreeter said he was feeling terrific about the team’s chances. But word spread after last week's game that coaches from the surrounding towns were fuming after the unfair forfeit. The young second-string quarterback, Juan Alvarez, went public with his own protest. He said he has no interest in being part of team that would accept such an unfair victory. Alvarez also asked the fans to also express their outrage, leaving the coach fuming that one of his players would come out against him.

The Beagles played an away game against the Pineville Panthers this week. Dreeter benched Alvarez (who had been on a game-saving roll) for the entire game and the Beagles lost 21-7.

The three-sided pyramid at Hidden Star Lake was completed last week. All the paranormal investigators who were working on it began standing guard around it. Everyone was waiting until Thursday to see if it glows green.

Not only did the pyramid glow green on Thursday precisely as the New Beckinfield alarms sounded at 2 PM, but it sent out an energy that pushed everything away from it during that time.

Richard and Jennifer Tobling are missing. The controversial couple has maintained an extremely low profile for the past year. Many residents thought they had already left town. However, according to their children, they have now been missing for six days. Apparently, the couple insisted on taking one of the back roads out of town and never returned. The two children are again in the custody of their uncle, Harvey “Greybeard” Kanz. In 2011, the Toblings were involved in a scandal involving buried money at a house on Squawk Point Place. The money then vanished from the evidence room at the Beckinfield Police Department. Police Chief Russell Banter is asking residents with any information on why the couple might have been leaving town to post videos to the On the Map project.

The following all seemed to happen at once on Thursday:

At 2 PM on Thursday the alarms sounded, the three-sided pyramid that was once the Beckinfield Little Theatre will glowed green, and the three-sided pyramid at Hidden Star Lake fused together becoming the “second triangle.” It glowed green and began emitting an energy that pushed things away from it. A minute-long earthquake that was slightly more powerful than the last rumbled through Beckinfield. This caused a number of additional cracks to appear on the basketball courts that cover the Field of Beckin. Primbobi war chants were heard by everyone.

All returned to “normal” at 2:30 PM.