Two Triangles

Two triangular structures now loom over Beckinfield. Legends warn that a third triangle will follow, and bring destruction in its wake. The citizens of the town are preparing for the worst, but roads have been shut down - trapping them in the city limits.

Stories for Two Triangles

Last Thursday, the “second triangle” of legend was completed at Hidden Star Lake. A minor earthquake rocked the town, but no damage was reported…other than a series of additional cracks that appeared on the basketball courts. This week, everyone was on edge expecting the foretold third triangle to arise. No one knew how or where, but tension was high as many residents believed that during the alarms at 2 PM, the supposedly huge structure would appear and cause massive destruction all through the town. Highway 99 is closed. The Roads to Nowhere are blocked. There is no way out of Beckinfield.

Though tensions were skyrocketing before the 2 PM Destiny Happening on Thursday, nothing out of the ordinary happened. It was just be a pleasant day on Destiny Crest and throughout town. All the worrying seemed to be for naught. There was no sign of a third triangle. Life in Beckinfield has returned to “normal” as residents breathe a sigh of relief.

A major scandal is rocking the three-time division champions, the Snarling Beagles. Coach Dwight Dreeter is accused of putting his pride before the team. During last week’s game against the Pineville Panthers, he benched Juan Alvarez because the second-string quarterback publically declared a dislike for one of Dreeter’s policies. Martha Collins, principal of Beckinfield High School, has stated she will open an investigation into the issue. Coach Dreeter said, “Look, I have every intention of bringing home the fourth division championship in a row for Beckinfield. Let me do what I do best.”

This week, the Beagles traveled to Linding to play the Linding Lions. Much to everyone's surprise, Coach Dreeter started Alvarez, who had his first blowout game. He played every minute of the game and led the Beagles to a 54-14 victory.

Administrators of the Beckinfield Public Library are gearing up to have a séance for Becca Beckin. They are hoping to determine why the ghost of the teenaged daughter of town founder Bradford Beckin has returned. They want to find out what her current visit foreshadows. She has become a near-permanent fixture in the classics section of the library and now has begun appearing at the weekly Destiny Happenings. They are hoping that during the séance on Halloween night they can get her to actually speak, the one thing she has yet to do during her appearances. Library officials are looking for volunteers who have special abilities of communicating with the dead to plan and run the séance.

Both mayoral candidates have agreed to have one debate. It will be hosted by Blondie’s coffee shop with the stipulation that no video or audio recordings be allowed. After much haggling, Aberdashy agreed to have the debate at Blondie’s as long as all “Greybeard for Mayor” signage is removed from the shop. This has forced Greybeard and his campaign manager, Dr. “Blondie” Waltzkowski to relocate their campaign headquarters. Aberdashy has also insisted that the shop be a “cookie-free” zone for the debate. The exact date has yet to be finalized.