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mother of 5 ,,, 38 years old. resides in Beckinfield. 
Played by Donna Wright 
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just moved to beckenfield 2 months ago and is creeped out' emo girl from new york. she wants to know why beckenfield the way it is. moved around alot as a kid wants somewhere stable she likes Flynn Eclispe and she;s a wiccan. Boyfriend now lives with her Eric has moved in her dorm room until he gets a job and apt he is still in love with LISA  
Played by aliesha purinton 
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johnny montana just moved on relocation as a participant in the witness protection program, his name and identity has been changed for his own protection, he is a 21 year old kid on the run from the mob and corrupt law enforcment officials in arkansas. he got in debt with the wrong people and turned witness for the fbi after his life was threatened. now johnny lives in beckinfield. 
Played by joshua moss 
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Michelle Landen is 16 years old and in grade 11 at Beckinfield High. She moved to Beckinfield back in January 2012, but due to a life changing event, was forced to move back to the Adoption Agency in Canada. 8 Months later, Michelle has returned to Beckinfield and is hoping for a better, solid life. She absolutely loves hot chocolate, and enjoys theatre, singing, and writing. Michelle is usually quite shy, but when she get to know you, she can be very outgoing. 
Played by Cheryl Fowle 
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Born in Beckinfield the son to Christian Alexander DeJesus Sr. a well to do wealthy man owner of The Beckinfield Country Club & Condo Association.Christian is a wealthy well to do wealthy rich kid who attends Beckinfield High School for high school & works at his businnes The Beckinfiled Family Video Store his father got for him. 
Played by Robert W. Price Jr. 
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Andurant Krinn is a former structural engineer, now retired, and an aspiring writer. Wishing to escape metropolitan life, he just recently moved to Beckenfield with his wife, Annaree, from the east coast of the United States. The Krinns have five children, all grown and back east with their own families. Andurant is a bit of a hermit, seemingly stoic and distrusting in his public dealings. Now retired, he spends much of his private time writing, though little is known of the form and nature of his creations. He can be often seen walking around Beckenfield carrying a simple thin black bound notebook and a pen, jotting brief notes as he moves. Diners and small restaurants are a favorite haunt; he can sometimes be seen seated in such with a cup of black coffee - no meal - simply observing local patrons and taking brief notes in his pad. Two or three times a week, he will also spend several hours in the Beckenfield public library, either reading local newspapers or pouring through bound volumes.  
Played by Andurant Krinn 
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Sam Welke has been a TV professional actor who has been in the industry for more than twenty years. Born in Vancouver B.C, son of 'David and Yates Welke' both famous actors in during the 1970's gave up acting once David discovered that he had terminal cancer. Sam and his sister 'Laura' don't speak to each other since their Dad had died in 1980. Sam is a lovable, honest, loyal and quite charming man who wants nothing more than to be liked. Even on his off days he pushes himself to be nice to everyone around him. 
Played by Richard Todd 
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Played by Valerie Talasi 
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Before becoming an Undead Hunter, Rocka ran Rocka Ind. and developed a suit that he thought could take out the alien invasion. When it failed and caused him to fall victim to his second coma in four months, he decided that the subsequant amnesia was better for him than being who he was. Leaving behind not only Rocka Ind. but a job on the Beckinfield PD and his days as the star QB of Beckinfield High. 
Played by Ray Klein 
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Alicia “Ali” Daniels is a 22-year old woman who’s had her share of hardships, though in the beginning, everyone assumed her life was easy because she was born into a rich family. Her father, was a respected businessman and owner of Daniels Inc., located in Beckinfield. Ali’s mother, did not fit the regular norm of the title, “mother”. Instead she spent her time grooming herself and paying for luxuries that were unnecessary. At 6 Alicia began having terrible nightmares, which wouldn’t persist, even after months of therapy. Though her parents believed her “outbursts” were only for attention, Ali felt a deeper and darker connection to them. Once they began, not only would these visions come to her in dreams, but also during the day when they were least expected. Shortly after, Ali discovered her ability to read people’s thoughts. Something which was quite frightening to a child. At 10, Ali’s father was murdered, supposedly from a disgruntled client, though no one was ever convicted. Her mother, went into a deep depression and died a year later. Being too young to inherit her parent’s estate, the money was frozen and not to be touched until Ali was of age. Alicia was placed in foster care, however, no one wanted to deal with a child who had frequent visions of what she claimed was the future. She moved around the system from house to house for 5 years. One day, Ali realized no house would ever truly be her home, as she was not wanted anywhere and decided to run away. Since that day, Ali has been providing for herself. She lived in the streets for years before being able to come up with the money to live in an apartment in the slums of Beckinfield. Her “gift” had become useful in certain circumstances, but problematic in others. Certain events in life were not meant to be seen before their passing. Currently, Ali works as a Wildlife Rehabilitator being able to read the thoughts of not only humans, but animals as well, giving her an edge in her job. Though the longer she worked with the animals, the less she needed to use her ability. Ali acquired a certain connection with these animals that was unexplainable… Then again, that’s Beckinfield for you.  
Played by Kimberly Lenth 
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Mary has been actively searching for her real father and has yet to find him. Her childhood was not the best. She was in an out of foster homes, mostly due to her mother, Aeriel Jones's mentall illness (and now believes her mother's continued absence could possibly be from portsliding) . Mary mostly keeps to her self but as of lately she has decided to really try to find out who her Dad is. Unfortunately Mary's mother won't tell her who he actually is. Mary likes to occasionally go to the Blondie's and get some coffee and catch up on the news in town. She is hoping there is someone out there that can help her. She also believes there are aliens that they are plotting something evil. She also is part Wiccan thanks to one of her foster-mothers, she does Tarot card readings and has a lot of crazy dreams! 
Played by Kelly Young 
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After being out of work for over a year, Matt finally found a job at Blondie's. However, when Matt asked his boss Harvey Kanz about Cindy Everson (the love of Matt's life, who seems to have become "unstuck" in time), Kanz fired him, so Matt is now looking for other work again. Matt lives with his aunt and uncle, who just recently moved from Old Beckinfield to New Beckinfield. Follow Matt @ MattDenton3 on Twitter!  
Played by Tom Holste 
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Harper isn't much of a layed back kind of girl, as a trainee Photo- Journalist she is always out to dig up a good story. Goodhearted and loyal, Harper would never abandon a friend; but her direct and inquisitive ways tend to leave her in all sorts of messes. 
Played by Florence St Leger 
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(Will is fine for short, but never 'Bill') (Cetus is pronounced "See-tuhs") I am an artist who doesn't really find very time to make any art of his own. I am a part-time art teacher at Beckinfield High School, and at the Elementary school as well. I also teach classes at the adult continuing education program at the community center. I grew up in Beckinfield, but got my degrees on the East Coast - where i also learned that a professional career as an artist is harder than just about anything! Follow me on Twitter: 
Played by Jesse Garson 
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I wasn't always very open, in fact, I used to be pretty shy. That was before my parents disappeared. They went on a walk down by hidden star lake, then, they were just gone. That was five years ago, and I haven't seen them since. Now I walk down there from time to time, just to stare at the water. My first theory was that Starla got 'em. Now I think it's something far more complicated and sinister. Trust me, I will do ANYTHING to find my parents. Your friend, Jared 
Played by Bradley Herrmann 
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Always the underachiever as the youngest child in his family, Rodney set out to prove his father, a 25-year veteran of his smalltown's police force, that he could do better. And so, breaking out of the state police after 3 years, he persues a higher calling with the Bureau. Rodney is now working a case that has led him to Beckinfield. Not quite the believer and, yet, not really a skeptic, he believes in what he sees and, at this particular time, he will see that a supernatural event might be keeping him around for quite some time..... 
Played by Michael Menart 
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After a little white and black rabbit killed his mother and father and the failing of his art exibitions, Jacob an aspiring painter lost everything that he held dear. Dealing with their deaths was hard enough but now he had to figure out a way to keep his dreams afloat with no money. Selling off his parents things he came across a secret that his parents had kept from him. He was adopted from the Lucky Day Orphange in the town of Beckinfield . Luckily for Jacob his adopted Uncle Henry needed someone to take care of some real estate in Beckinfield. Needing a job and a place to stay he agreed half -heartedly to do his Uncle's bidding. Now more than ever Jacob finds himself alone in a world that doesn't understand him or his works of art. 
Played by Jason Lantz 
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Leda Jo moved to Beckinfield in 2001, when her daughter Dove disappeared from the town. She came to find her daughter, which finally happened in May of 2012 just before time ran out for Beckinfield. She owned Leda Jo's Bar and Grill, a very popular local spot in New Beckinfield, known for supernatural events. Specialities: Leda Jo's Specialty 15-Toppin' Potatos and Leda-Ritas (largest margarita in the world). After the April 1st theatre fire in 2012, Leda Jo became a port slider. Port sliding is a Primbobi-originated form of body reconfiguration via vibrational frequency bandwidths and may include shifting thru dimensions, other realms, other realities and other timelines. Leda Jo's port sliding abilities have been activated by her connection to Starla, her active work with her Primbobi artifact, the many Greybeard Cookies she has consumed (Leda Jo believes Greybeard's cookies are supernatural activators) and her own dedicated practice in port-sliding. 
Played by Neva Howell 
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I'm a grants manager at the Beckinfield Foundation.  
Played by Bob Gebert 
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Moved to Beckinfield to live with his Auntie June and Uncle Robert after having a fight with his strict parents. He goes to Beckinfield high and enjoy's making adventure out of everything, Along with making new friends and undergoing new tasks. 
Played by Jamie Dorman 
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