Zicree Zone

Zicree has worked on many popular science fiction television shows and cartoons. His credits include “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, "Beauty and the Beast", and the bestselling book, “The Twilight Zone Companion.”

Not only is Marc an accomplished writer, he's also an incredibly inspiring one. His enthusiasm as he talks about his craft is infectious; after you watch these videos, we're certain you'll be as excited about pursuing your passions as we were.

On Hollywood, Actors, and His Own Career

Hollywood can be where you are...the internet has now made us all one family.

On Creating an Authentic Character

Even if you're starting out as an actor, if you start with what's truthful — 'What do I believe? If I saw this would I believe it?' — then it doesn't really matter how you sound or how you look or how you gesture.

On Creating Your Own Content to Pursue Your Goals

If you can find something that sparks your enthusiasm, something that allows you to come from a point of authenticity as an artist and reach out to others, I highly recommend that.