Someone has a great idea for an interactive show -
                  Uses our show creation wizard -
                  Invites an audience to take part.
                  Participant creates posts based on the show guidance,
                  and the idea comes to life with a cast of talented 
                  fans who help bring that vision to life.

Interactive video comes of age with Theatrics

  • You and your fans advance the story, contest or other application by uploading videos, images, and blog posts within your own channels.
  • You direct the experience through calls to action, featured fan videos, and crowd-source controls.
  • Fan experience is fully social (follow, share, comment), and game-like (points, badges, voting.)
  • Launch in private mode for insiders, and switch to public mode to go viral.
  • Creator controls the story experience, including policing crowd-sourced content.
  • Creator can download fan videos for compilation edits and sharing.
  • Premium options include customized site skinning, DNS masking, backend integration, single sign-on, and site management.
Screenshot of a show page

Try the Theatrics Video Storytelling Platform during our limited beta test

We are thrilled to introduce the Theatrics video storytelling platform with this beta test for a limited time only. During the test, we are actively seeking the world’s best storytellers and brands to test the platform by creating their own stories, games, and fan experiences. There will be no charge for the use of the current tools or the hosting of your videos during the run of the beta test or thereafter. (Note: after the beta period, Theatrics may additionally offer the beta testers discounted rates for newly created features and/or premium account benefits.) Here are some of the features of the platform:

Try Theatrics Now


Screenshot of our Story Creation Wizard

Story Creation Wizard

The rich feature set of the Theatrics platform provides everything you need to build a unique social TV experience centered around your story world and characters (called Personas) that drive the action through videos and blog posts.

When you click on Create New Show tab, you are taken to the Story Creation Wizard, which guides you through five simple steps to creating the basic elements of your interactive series. You can skip some steps and come back to them at anytime from your Theatrics Dashboard.

Examples of participants invitations

Inviting Your Audience

It’s easy to invite audiences to watch your show, and to become active participants. Use a show-specific URL to invite the world in the Public mode using email, social media, or other websites to spread the word. Or, use a customized URL for Private mode, in order to test your ideas or to populate the story with videos from a select group before going public.

Once fans start to participate, you can manage and communicate with them from the Theatrics Dashboard. Every fan can share his or her videos on social platforms, helping to spread the word about your series.

Screenshot of a show's Calls to Action

Calls to Action

Participant members can watch the content of your shows without restriction. Or they can really dive into the story by creating their own Personas and performing in videos and on blog posts.

Your registered and engaged participants can share their own videos on social media, follow other fans videos, and rate, rank and comment. This is fan fiction (and non-fiction) on steroids!

laptop, smartphone, or tablet

Upload Video Everywhere

Theatrics makes it easy to upload videos from just about anywhere; phones, tablets and computers. Got a webcam? You (and, more important, your participants) can record videos from any web browser straight to the site with a couple of clicks. No geekery required.

We Can Customize the Theatrics Platform to Fit Your Needs

Our team can customize the key elements of the Theatrics platform to meet the specialized and proprietary needs of any studio, network, game developer, advertising agency, corporate brand, or other large-scale operator of advanced IT infrastructure. The Theatrics team can consult on the story-world design, assist your existing creative and engineering team, as well as engineer integrated solutions to bring a seamless, secure, and branded content experience to life.


Media Networks

TV programmers are turning to Theatrics to deepen the fan engagement with their series. By integrating Theatrics’ patent-pending system of guided, user-generated content creation, showrunners and network marketers can invite participants to use their video cameras to play a part in the story world of their favorite TV show, to perform in a talent or reality show, and much more. If you want to deepen fan engagement with your shows, call us for a custom consultation.



Brands of all sizes and shapes understand that today’s customers crave participation and connection. Turn loyal customers into advocates by using the Theatrics platform for video product reviews, contests, and advertising campaigns. Build an active community around your products and attract new customers in an authentic way. Create new, hybrid social apps and second-screen experiences that bring your fans into dialog with you and other customers.



Use the Theatrics platform for team building, collaborative brainstorming, or on-demand training – almost any application that can be enhanced by video involving a community of customers, employees, vendors and stakeholders. Theatrics gives you the benefits of face-to-face response to questions or concerns with several major advantages: time-shifted interaction, response search (by topic or tagging), and media aggregation. More personal than email, the Theatrics platform offers companies a way to draw employees together without the expense of travel or time away from their job site…and they can do so through private, secure online video that anyone you chose can access anytime and anywhere.



Connect with your students by using the Theatrics platform for long-distance learning. Your students will be able to view your lectures, submit questions and assignments, and participate in discussions without ever setting foot in a classroom.