As we go into the first two weeks of October, patients and staff are still acting more odd than usual(due to medication mixups, double dosages, etc.) and are still dressing funny, trying to escape, getting into food fights, etc.  Everyone is leary of Dr. Simon Neil.  Some patients have come back to Brookvale like:  Raven, and Annette while others have left like Parker.  Raven doesn't remember who anyone is at first but some memories start coming back.  Amongst all the chaos the patients and staff are told there will be an upcoming talent show(Oct. 15) so everyone is excited about that and wonders what they will do.  Also, they are told there will be a Halloween party(Oct. 31) so they ponder what they will dress up as, and also look forward to that.  An exciting time to be in Brookvale!  Some are even happy to be here(kind of)!

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